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Are you looking for a brand new logo for your company or website?

It's important to have a high quality design because your logo represents your company. You want one that is unique, brandable, easily recognized, and is of the highest quality. The logos of high profile companies such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, and Starbucks have logos that have become cultural icons. We specialize in designing high quality logos at an affordable price.

What can we offer:

Professionial looking logos in different styles and colors at the cheapest price
Uw logo vectorieel aangeleverd zodat u nadien zelf
gemakkelijk aanpassingen kan doorvoeren
Your logo will be completed and delivered within 3 - 5 days (including weekends)
Logos will be delivered as a vector-file, which can be converted into the file type of your choice
Our good services and testimonials in the past/ personal approach
We answer out mails within 12h
Realtime-support included: Chat service (MSN)
We will adjust your logos until you are satisfied. We guarantee you'll love your logo!

Interesting Facts:

In 2000 company BP amoco payed over $7 million for their now famous Logo
source: Communicatieonline.nl

Sebastien Coe showed the logo for the Olympic games in London (2012) . This project cost about 0,5 miljoen euro. If you are in a good mood and you have a bit fantasy, you can see the figures 2012.
source: Runnersweb.nl

The most expensive logo ever belongs to Unilever, their famous “U” logo. This project cost 10 million Euros.
source: Nieuwsblad.be

We offer you the same quality logos for only 145 € !